Fashion Designer Studio

Our Fairy Tale

It all started many years ago on a little island in Greece near the Peloponnese. In the late 1940's two eligible islanders where matched and married and had a son and daughter. The wife's lineage was of fabric traders who were the sole suppliers of dress cloth across the Saronic Gulf at the time.  One summer (several years later) a beautiful tourist was on holiday with her family and met the son of the two islanders and fell in love.  They later married and had two children, one who was called Venetia meaning "Venice" in Greek. She grew up living between the UK and Greece and had  inherited her Greek Grandfather's love of all things beautiful with a particular weakness for fashion.


Fast forward a couple of decades, and drawing upon inspiration from her heritage, she set up Venezia Boutique- a fusion of modern Hellenic style and alluring Northern European femininity.


At the heart of this boutique is the soul of a powerful woman.  Venezia actively seeks to promote confident, strong women from all backgrounds who feel empowered and desirable when wearing their garments.